dal 9 Gennaio 2023 al 28 Aprile 2023

Descrizione del progetto

January-February: know each others, and our schools by meeting and game with Google maps. February: know the organization of school in Poland and in Italy, know which Maths topics we study, by video made from students, and meeting between the Maths teachers to choose a topic that we both did March: create, share and solve problems April: to analyze solutions of partners and compare them with their problem solving approach for drawing conclusion


Meeting tra i docenti del progetto

Primo meeting tra gli studenti

Secondo meeting tra gli studenti

Italy principal math topiks in the last two years

Solutions of aliriza students problems from italian students


The purpose is to know the organization of our schools and the way to teach Maths in each of involved countries, to discover new useful methods or strategies of teaching and learning.

Scuola Secondaria I grado “A. Argoli”

Via Marconi 51, 67069 Tagliacozzo AQ


3B secondaria di I grado, prof.ssa Paolizzi; Szkoła Podstawowa Katowice, Poland, prof.ssa Gosek, Berna Baz e Fatih Koc, Atatürk Ortaokulu Acıpayam, Turkey
Ali Riza Basun, Emrullah Efendi Ortaokulu Canik, Turkey