dal 1 Dicembre 2023 al 31 Maggio 2024

Descrizione del progetto

Il progetto mira a promuovere la conoscenza, la comunicazione e la collaborazione tra studenti di nazionalità diverse; conoscenza, comunicazione e collaborazione sono visti come i mattoni fondamentali per la costruzione della pace.

In this terrible time of war, the aim of the project is to enable students to work together, to teach them that all people are equal, that we can collaborate with foreign people, and we can learn a lot from foreigners.



The focus of the project will be on Maths and Informatics, we intend to propose some mathematical challenges that students have to solve using Scratch.
Initially students will work with students of their own class and present their works to the others, finally they’ll do it with foreign students.



To improve English, to open mind by analyzing different solutions to the same problems, to experiment Mathematics like a universal language, to improve technological skill (programming and presentations programs), to overcome the difficulties of working with foreign people.


Work process

Teachers decide together the activities and the timetable, they have to meet sometimes, especially to decide the problems for the three challenges.

The hypothetical time table is the following.

December:  initial activity to present ourselves, to meet each other and to create the project logo.

February: first Math activity; it could be a challenge that the teachers present to the students. Argument: Geometry. Students have to understand the English text and solve it. The teachers collect the answers and send them to partners. Students analyze partner solutions and choose the best.

March: second Math activity; another challenge proposed by teachers to students, but, this time, students have to understand, to solve it AND to create a presentation of their solution. Then students analyze partner solutions and choose the best.

April/May: third, and last, activity; another challenge proposed by teachers to students, but, this time, students have to solve it in a group with students of other countries. In this challenge, students Italian, Polish, Turkish have to collaborate!


Expected results

Improving communication in English, creating an exhibition for parents, creating a virtual book with the best solutions of the projects.


Project thumbnail

It will be created by students.



Italy 2B sec I grado, Poland, Turkey