9 Ottobre 2018

Descrizione del progetto

This project is about sharing activities, games, songs, rhymes (…) on themes from the school curriculums. Collaborating we can learn from each other different approaches to similar themes. Students can develop and enrich their English skills (speaking, writing, reading, listening) and use technology while having fun and working with “foreign partners”.
Language: English
Pupils: From 8 to 10 years old
Subjects: English in 1st Cicle (Elementary school)
-Develop students´English Language Skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening)
-Work English School Curriculum (Themes; Festivities;…)
-Use technology to publish/share
-To know the characteristics of other pupils of the same age and from different nationalities as well as the features of their respective schools
Work Process
September: Put the project to approval by the NSS (Because I´m changing school)
-Getting to know the partners and schools
-Creating a logo for the project
-Presenting our country
Till June and through the school year, we´ll prepare presentations on different themes and festivities like: colours, alphabet, numbers, clothes, personal identification, countries and nationalities, food and drink, animals, outdoor activities,…
To share these works we´ll use different apps, videos, photos,…
Expected results

It is expected to be a collaborative work, using as many times as possible, the etwinning tools to communicate, work and share with partners. We hope students get an extended cultural vision and be motivated to learn English.



Information and Communication (ICT) to foster an openness to the community dimension of education and the creation of a sense of European citizenship shared in the new generations

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